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More about the KSPORT® brand

The Bulgarian producer of quality seamless thermal underwear and thermal clothing

We provide complete development – from the initial design of the product, the receipt of raw materials and quality control, through the process of seamless production, to the final delivery for wholesalers and brands.

In March 2021 we opened our online shop where we offer wholesale and retail of sportswear and thermal products with the KSPORT brand – seamless thermal underwear and clothing made in Bulgaria with the most modern materials and technologies.

Choose KSPORT® – the world level Bulgarian brand!

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B2C – for the People


B2C – for the Business


Company Mission

“Our main mission is to create sportswear matching the requirements of our customers. Everyone would like to wear a comfortable, durable and functional garment that fits the body and feels like a second skin.
This is what we at KSPORT® do.”

Petar Kiryakov – managing director of Aty Bolkan Ltd.

No matter if going skiing, working in the gym, practicing aerobics or yoga, even in everyday life, our sportswear will cover all your needs.

Our Story

It all began back in 2001, when we started a business trading with fibers and yarns for the textile industry. Over the years and thanks to the accumulated experience with textile fibers, we have repeatedly discussed whether we could not create something different, something related to the sport and an active lifestyle, something that no one has undertaken in Bulgaria until now.
And so in 2019 we started production of seamless sportswear and created our brand – KSPORT.

In this short and not easy period since we created the brand – until now, we have not stopped developing and improving our work. We have modernized our production base and created favorable working conditions so that our teams can easily produce sportswear that compete in quality and functionality with global brands.

We have purchased electronic circular knitting machines for the production of seamless garments. We have purchased new special sewing machines. We completely renewed the finishing processes by purchasing modern professional equipment.

For us, every customer is important and we work equally well both with individual customers, for whom we opened our online store for thermal sportswear in 2021, and with brands, for whom we create quality and functional clothing to B2B order.

Some of Our Partners

We work with brands from Bulgaria, France, Sweden, Finland, Spain, and others.

Our machines – Part of the Production Process

With the high-end machines we use, the quality becomes very consistent and the requirements from the customers of seamless sportswear are increasing due to their advantages.

We Also Think About Nature

We have taken steps to apply for renewable energy:

  • Our production is low-energy thanks to the electronic machines we use.
  • We work only with colored fibers created by special technology without conventional dyeing.
  • We use recycled materials.

Waste in seamless production is up to 70% less compared to conventional cutting.

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