модели на термо облекло снимка за корица

Thermal Clothing by KSport


This clothing provides the best performance in sports and leisure activities in all seasons of the year. It fits snugly on the body, which allows thermal regulation and transfer of moisture from the sweat areas. The polymer structure of the materials used in the production does not allow the retention of bacteria and minimizes the provocation of allergic reactions.

The real purpose of all technical clothing for any active sport should be to maintain a stable body temperature. We believe that it is most important to maintain a healthy body temperature during all activities.

Features of Thermal Clothing

This product has thermal activity characteristics, which means that regardless of the external conditions it aims to offer a guarantee against cooling or warming of the body. It also has special three-dimensional elastic layers that optimize muscle pressure to improve blood flow throughout the sports process.

Last but not least, the three-dimensional elasticity and seamless knitting technology provide freedom of movement under any physical exercise. The lack of side seams helps for more comfort when moving and does not irritate the skin.


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термо облекло - снимка за корица с модели момче и момиче